At Warwick Christian College our athletic program focuses on creating sportsmen and women who show excellent sportsmanship whilst being competitive. We do this by fostering an environment of fun but also encouraging students to try their best at all tasks. Our sports program revolves around the 5 CLEAR goals that drive our school of Christlikeness, Learning, Excellence, Attitude and Respect. We believe these are key fundamental concepts both in the classroom and on the sporting field.

Our campus own 25m swimming pool which we use in Term 1 and 4. We focus on teaching children to swim and developing stroke technique but also on encouraging other safety skills taken from The Bronze Medallion for the older students. Our swimming carnival is held in Term 4.IMG_9753

During Term 2 we focus on training and developing our anerobic skills for Cross Country. We make this fun for the children with all sorts of team games and activities. Qualifying students are sent to Southern Downs and Darling Downs Zone competitions


During Term 3 we concentrate on developing our Track and Field skills . Students learn Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin and High Jump in this term, as well as developing their track skills. Students are encouraged to attend Zone events if they qualify.

High Jump

Throughout the year we develop team sportsmanship with a range of team sports such as Touch Football, Netball at the association courts, Teeball, Soccer and Basketball on our own full size courts. We encourage and support all our students to try out for Southern Down and Border District teams for a whole range of sports such as Rugby Union, Soccer, Touch Football and Cricket.  We also participate in CCM interschool carnivals throughout the year for a variety of events such as Touch Football, and Netball.


We also believe in encouraging healthy lifestyle choices and as such our HPE theory lessons compliment our athletic activities.



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